THE    DIVINE    F E L I N E    E X P E R I E N C E 





You step through the door to find me.  There's an undertone of anticipation as I call you to my side and begin to knead your thigh with my feet. Will you encourage a low purr, or have me scratch you?

Primal behaviour is my nature, but what will you draw out is entirely up to you. 

I get turned on by the taboo of encounters with strangers and the secrets we keep when returning to every day life. I desire anonymity as much as you need discretion.  Crossing the threshold of unfamiliarity to intimacy and exploration is something to be relished, and

I pride myself on the fine art of duality and confidentiality when exploring the many ways in which you can please me.

 +  British   +   Cambridge Educated   +  Porcelain Skin  + Piercing Green Eyes +   

+   Raven hair  +   +  Natural 30 H Breasts  +  +  Dress Size 10  +  

+  Shoe Size 39 +   +  Age 26 +

Most familiar of greetings, lovers.

 I am the good girl-gone wayward from the home counties. 

Most people describe me as a pedigree cat with the heart of a stray.

I can be tender & affectionate, or wicked & primal.

Depending on how you lure me, I can be gentle or cruel.

Taboo is my vice.

As one for understated class & primal behaviour,
I live and breathe dichotomy.

I enjoy relishing the anticipation of a civilised evening descending into flesh.
 I have a penchant for the nuance in sensuality.

 I adore companionship which requires an individual whom can turn heads in the most simple black dress.

 I am available to visit in  London City.
 Flying is also my forte.

 I wonder, might we take our familiarity deeper?