Want to see me? Tell me, but know that good things come to those who wait. For in-calls, e-mail me for my next available dates in Highbury
 To  have me visit you locally in London or fly to a destination, e-mail me with a choice of dates, duration, location and desires. 
The wonderful journey of meeting the individuals with discretion and respect as a priority has allowed me to choose who I spend my time with.  If we have never met before, please understand that for my screening process I will schedule a quick call on the phone, and may ask for some photo ID and a 30% deposit upon booking. Please note, all deposits are paid to a registered business account for maintaining anonymity, and will be non refundable if you choose to cancel, but may be rescheduled. To this day I have never cancelled a date, but if I were to for exceptional reasons, a full deposit will be returned. 

My Favourite Hotels

T E L L  M E  Y O U  W A N T  M E



City Escapism

Let's escape for a little while

from £500

D A T E S 


 Dinner Date
 & Decadence


Let's meet for a traditional date. We'll go for dinner, get to know each other, and fall deeper into the excitement of what's to come later.

Girlfriend Social Experience

From £500

I can be your house cat in a more domestic setting.

I'll drape myself over your lap as we listen to music, laugh, share a glass of wine and slip into familiarity.

Dominant Goddess In Charge

From £500

Want me to take the lead? I would love to push boundaries with you.  Contact me directly for domina 

A Night Together

Sometimes you just need a whole evening. I will need 6 hours beauty sleep, don't forget.


S E N D  F O R  M E 


Send a car for me,  have me on a train across waters or wing me to your country. 

Please remember that I will organise travel myself.